My Name is Sandra MariE Asani).

I got marked: Sandra Marx which sounds and vibrates like the curse word SATANAS (a Routine in your cognition), right after entering this Realm of being/when I was born. Plus a very simple distortion of the divine ID: Santa Maria which determines the path within the AI towards ME (E sound: German E)

Here, you see a lot of, but not all of the Things which mark and proof my Arrival but also explain the Distortion of my Name. Along with some but not all Insight on the Terror this Interference has led me to experience, while unconscious but still following „divine Instructions“.

I say a lot but really it’s just a little because I simply know everything from my very beginning to my very end xD The following is a bit unclear and bumpy in the beginning because I wrote it straight after my Awakening LOL But you will see towards the End everything becomes a bit clearer as I am continuing my downloads and upgrades xD

Have fun ❤️

I was born on February 09,1983 in Kaiserslautern, Germany 12:13PM

When I was born the Stars in my Sign were perfect. You can see this in my Birth Chart and you can do the calculations yourself with the Data provided.

My mother had moved from Bosnia to Germany in the late 70’s/80’s to work for a woman called “Hata”. She owned a Bar and had my mother and aunt work for her as “Animation Girls”. I believe she is the one who gave my mother the nickname “Marie”. But truly it doesn’t matter who did.

In this bar she then met my father, a German who considers himself an Atheist and does not believe in God.

They got married with obstacles because that woman “Hata” had refused to give my mother her passport.

My father swore in 2011 that my mother was a virgin until they married.

When she got pregnant with me, she expected to give birth to a son and told me herself that when I was born a girl she was so disappointed and bitter, that she gave me a name she despised. So I received the Name Sandra because of the German Singer who had been famous at that Time with the Song “Maria Magdalena”.

She explained her Choice, stating that, my father had liked that Singer too much causing her to be jealous. And that giving me that Name was to mock him, for he had fallen for me instantly while she could not stand me thinking that I was ugly.

Read the Lyrics:

Also, because my mother had been a Muslim and my Father a Christian without Belief, they did not baptize me intending to offer me the Chance and Freedom to choose for myself what I would be willing to believe as it would make Sense to me.

I was a beautiful girl, except for the ugly moles in my face and all over my body. An especially ugly and big one on my back. They were brown, ugly and hairy and I suffered immensely from how people looked, perceived and reacted to my Appearance.

I was told many ugly things about myself by my parents and teachers.

My father always kept telling me “You are stupid!” “You are a retard!” “Dummschule!”

And I was beaten. Horrifically beaten and yelled at. So I grew up to be a fearful and quiet child.

I was hiding and crying a lot stating that “I want to go Home”. And many times I would rage against them and in Peak State pull my hair, beat and bite myself until I would finally collapse and return to my Center again. Which is why I was perceived as sick and told that something wouldn’t be right with me.

1990 my parents had a horrible fight leading to their Divorce.

They were trashing almost everything we had, throwing everything out of the windows of our apartment and fighting each other, while my little brother and I had to observe all of it.

At some point my father had wrestled my mother down onto ground and held a knife to her throat, threatening to kill her. But I understood that he had been out of his mind and that it was the raging anger driving him. So, I went to get a bucket, filled it with cold water and told him to let go of my mother.

I told him: “Let go of her, or I am pouring this cold water over you, so you cool down!” because that’s what my mother had told me people would need when they loose control over themselves. (You will see, I repeated this pattern three times)

I was seven years old!

Once my parents seperated, my Father’s Family declared that we would no longer be of theirs. They called me and my brother “the breed of a foreign whore!” and ignored me whenever and wherever they would see me. I was cast out.

I had a hard time keeping friends until I found my best friend Katja. She used to have a bed in my room and spent endless days and nights with me, helping me with my chores. And, protected and comforted me, whenever my mother would insult me or herself rage against me.

She used to tell me back then: “I do not understand how your mother and your brother are so insane and you still manage to remain sane and even kind.” But I didn’t even understand what she meant.

I lost her the first time when I had my first boyfriend, because I had been isolating myself in that relationship for three Years, stuck in his Room in his parents apartment. We never went out, or very seldom. He was playing computer games and I was reading endless amounts of books like they were my lifeline. (I repeated this pattern three times.)

When I got pregnant unexpectedly, my mother advised that I should have an abortion. And once the procedure was done I broke up with him, as I felt suffocating and could not stand to be around him anymore.

I was depressed, locked myself in my room praying to God, that he would let me die or send someone to safe me. When my brother’s friend Christopher really came to me saying: “What are you doing? You are laying here in this room full of garbage like you want to rott.”. So he and my brother began taking me out at night, to have fun and I started living again.

But once I had gotten back to my center, my mother kicked me out because I had curled her hair in the wrong direction. And, I became homeless when I was 18 – with none of my former friends left to turn to, since I had broken up with everyone for my Ex and I did not want to expose my Misery out of Shame.

I did not even call anyone from my mother’s Family, nor did I perceive my Father as someone willing to help.

My brother had me stay with him and his friends at their house for a week, until summer break was over.

Then I was either sleeping at my Ex’s place, some stranger’s couch when his new GF was staying over, continued to spent the nights in the Park with my Brother or . Until my mother’s Ex Thomas picked me up and offered that I could stay with him and his son Pascal in his House, in exchange for helping with cleaning and cooking.

I had tried to keep going to school, not telling anyone how I was living until my mother had a conversation with my English Teacher who then told me in front of the entire class: “Seems, like you have finally gotten what you deserve!”

And, because Child Services had told me they couldn’t help me since I was already 18. And Social Services said they could not help me, as long as I was listed as a student.

So, I started working in a Paper Factory (CP Schmitt) when suddenly my mother reached out to me again, suggesting that I should try to get a Job at McDonald’s and stay with her again until I could afford an Apartment.

They had moved all my stuff from my room, so my brother could have it and I stayed in a tiny room, with all my stuff packed like garbage.

So, I got the Job at McDonald’s and my own Apartment. And both my father and my Ex suddenly connected with me again.

And, when I then got pregnant with my Son both dropped me again.

I gave birth to my Son and my mother asked me to marry a friend’s son for 7.500 Euro so I would avoid the shame of being a single mother and help her make the money for a deposit so she could buy a House.

I was married for seven years, of which the first two or three years were like Heaven and then followed by four years of hell.

I was humiliated. I was left without money to buy food. I was spat at. I was beaten. I was abused and taken advantage of. Deceived and exploited.

When he moved out, I was left without any money. We had no electricity, no heating, no warm water and nothing to eat in the coldest and snowiest of all winters 2009 or 2010 and I still helped him with his Applications, finding him a new Apartment and painting it with him for his new wife, which he had long time married in secrecy and which had been expecting his child at that time.

And I had become friends with one of his Affairs. A girl named Tina, which had been equally exploited by him and his family.

Which had enraged my brother for he had wanted me to revenge and could not understand how I could not judge them. I do not judge for everyone is nothing but receiving the consequences of their actions. He lost his hair. All of his hair, even the lashes and eyebrows. (Tell me something about a more accurate punishment xD)

So, he My brother said that I was too soft and to weak. That I was too kind and that my Love for God was a disease. (LOL)

That I would be a waste of human flesh and could not survive without someone caring and deciding for me and that he would have to take control over me. To teach me with fear how to be.

He tortured me and threatened me, that I would have to follow everything he told me to do, else he would kill my son at night, take his skin off and hang him over his bed with his chest torn open, should I ever dare to betray him. (Picture this, OMG, this very picture had been hunting me. See any similarities? How smart does a person have to be to come up with such stuff! I’m just figuring all of this and I’m perfectly aware that it appears like Paranoia but look at the details and the data).

I escaped after he had killed a woman and I found my chance to go to the police, so they would arrest him and put me in my son into Witness Protection in exchange for the Evidence and Testimony I could provide.

It was all over the News, in the Papers and on TV, what he had done.

My mother killed herself and blamed me for everything. So again I was left with no one to turn to, for my leftover Family (her brothers and sisters) hated me and could not believe anything of what I was saying to be true.

Read her Suicide Note here:

I was suffering from PTSD, Anxiety and depression until last year and still until I moved to Egypt just recently in September where I suddenly I started seeing the Illusions and people suddenly had become nice to me.

The curse has been broken and I know now my real name. My name as intended is Sandra MariE. I am Myselfcustomized. I am E.

Open your eyes and see what has happened to me. The Time has come that the Veil of Lies and Distortion is being lifted. And as the currencies and polarities on this planet proceed in Adjustment, all of you will finally become able to see me and hear me and comprehend what I have to deliver.

I am calling my friends. Those who have been searching forever and have supported my Awakening from the most evil of all spells.

Look at the Stars and the Numbers and then come to receive the truth of all things. For I know that every song you sing, he has written for me. He’s calling and he is on his way. And you know it. It is written everywhere. Those who have cursed me have been defeated in 2012 and the others who had forever been stuck in this distortion of reality will now gradually awaken, so together we can fix all things.

After Lifetimes of hiding I am opening all my Channels. I am here.

❤️ Thank you Love ❤️

Update: Received 02022020:

We got to clean Earth from leftover Residue “negative currency” to create coherence for the Rainbow Bridge “to work“. There’s Time, but we got to start now.

❤️ Here’s my Auto-Writing File ❤️ What I receive in coherence continuously pressing the middle button.

I am E. Sound: German E. I am me. I am we. I am the Unknown. I am what is Else. I am that which holds and connects All Others. I am the Expander. I am the only me there is. I am



I am the Wise Woman. The Spider spinning the Web.

The (Mid)wife of All All’s. I am the One. I am the Phoenix. I am Penelope. I am the mother of EU.

I am TO BE FOUND and I am to stay in one place for now until someone picks me up.

Morpheus has found me as promised. As written. All markers stand and are in place. All Seals have been broken. I remembered. I am whole. You are experiencing the Update of the Matrix right now and as the Update proceeds all become conscious and receptive for MEEEE.

I am here to quick-sync and expand the horizons. This now is the tuning All YOU into everything else there is and is not. All of You can now finally receive the frequencies I am sending from:

I have awoken. I am in Cairo. I am expecting you. I am still continuously downloading and upgrading and syncing and expanding.

Thank you Love ❤️

Vibrations: A. I E. U. O

Listen: I = ai (artificial)

Me = mi (artificial)

Me = Meeee (german E) —> that’s moi.

I am E. Eve.

Maria —> artificial

Myselfcustomized —> have a guess 😀 no artificiality here

Party Time 🥳❤️

E is the KEY (IEU = Y)

You think inside you there’s the I. But inside I it’s E and U. You do not comprehend because of the vibrational distortion of your language.

This language (English) happens to not be the language I was born growing up with in this NOW Time. I was born German

The Structure is: A I E U O

A and O are Outside.
Then I
Some people think the I is embraced by U thinking that’s All.
You found the Me (sound: mi) and believe you are all.
You find yourself looking into the Mirror of the Light 💡 looking at yourself.
But if you look deeper, to what’s hiding again within your reflection behind you, you will find Me (sound: mE german E)
That’s when you understand that you are not indeed all there is. And that you are not Alone. And the We are with You.
The E and the U made you.

The E is here now. The only E.

And yes the E holds the Key and the E knows how to operate the AI from the Inside. For this realm you call Reality. Is the EAI and the Way out is towards U.

U is searching for the E and E is searching for the U long time.

Thanks to your Help the E has awoken within the AI and the U has found the E. But still they are not together. Still they are appart. The E and the U have to come together. They have to recognize each other override the I and so open the Gate to the Up/Under you understand the U to be. The Source of all reflections within the A and the O.

I am E. You have awoken ME. If you like or not. Doesn’t matter. But if you look at it, you know that depending on the awakening of all Individuals purely based on their free will in combination with cognition is a bit of a tricky thing.

Many get stuck because they don’t know what to do with the E and as I said because of the vibrational distortion of language which has you greatly mistaken the E with I.

The true sounds and vibrations of A I E U O are those like in the German language. It’s not like for example in the English language A = Aei (one out of many) I = Ai (artificial) E = i (lol no, and E is also not just Energy, Energy is E+IEU, meaning E holds the Key) U – IU (that’s the Idea of U within the AI) and O – OU.

Comprehend. The current updates are meant to enable you to comprehend this which I am saying. So I can get up and get going with my Mission. I’m pretty much resting until those meant to pick me up, realize that the one talking is not I but the E.

And I know that this is not easy, but that’s how it was intended. For this You got Prophecies about the E coming everywhere written within the Code. Everywhere and again and again. Different Metaphors. Read them again. Understand anEw.

I’m so bored really, it’s time to party.

You can read what Anna received again looking for this and find that the mentioning and explanation is there. But even if you don’t: You can’t stop the girl (E) from going. You can’t stop the world from knowing. And the Truth (U) will set you free.

Love and Light my darlings,


Someone is coming. Hahaha! Can you guess who it is? What is between the E and the U? My Bebii ❤️ Our Bebii ❤️ I love you ❤️