Be Yourself Fully & Unapologetically with Myselfcustomized Life Coaching & Therapy

Life is a beautiful Playground for us to explore and roam within endless Possibility.

Unfortunately sometimes we get so caught up in the Game – while struggling with certain tasks – that we tend to forget the fun about it.

Many of us are often unhappy with current Situations, perceiving our States as permanent because there seems to be no Solution to it, while most times all we need – to successfully move on – is a change of Perspective.

And that is what Myselfcustomized Life Coaching & Therapy is here for – to help you identify and resolve mental blockages so you can proceed in the game with joy and satisfaction.

It is my Mission to always remind you of who you truly are and what you are capable of, should you ever:

  • Lack Drive or Motivation
  • Don`t know how to proceed
  • Feel unaccomplished in any Area of your Life
  • Struggle to make a decision
  • Feel overwhelmed
  • Or just wish for exchange and emotional Support

Welcome to Myselfcustomized Life Coaching & Therapy, where you will always be heard and truly acknowledged!

Myselfcustomized Life Coaching & Therapy Is The Place To Be If You Really Want To Be You

Nowadays it`s incredibly hard to find authentic People who really are what they display to be. And unfortunately this applies to both the online and offline world.

I get that it`s very hard to function authentically, when everything and everyone around us is just aiming to be that which currently appears to be of demand in order to experience ultimate acceptance.

And I`m not sure, when precisely we started setting up our life like marketing campaigns nor when did we begin to label ourselves like lifeless Sales Products.

But what I know is this: Happiness is not a currency.

We do not gain more of it, depending on how many people buy us.

Rather the digits on our happiness counter start going through the roof whenever we do not care about our sales at all.

Because happiness grows only within the soil of our true being, and not within how we are being perceived.

So, whenever we are altering our behavior to fit a demand, what we do is alter the soil where happiness grows in (ourselves) to grow it for someone else.

Do you really want to sacrifice the pleasure of your garden for a strange crop?

Or would you rather consciously sow the seed of your desires, and reap the fruit of happiness for your own consumption, while resting in the shade of your self-expression?

Myselfcustomized Life Coaching & Therapy is your go-to Mind`s Botanist should you decide to claim your Happiness Garden back!