…then suddenly you are not yourself anymore. Your past – everyone who was part – got cut. Not one left who has shared your experiences and can relate to what you just said…

But still all these memories are the colors which paint you. And this is the hard thing. You didn’t just share laughter, huggs, troubles, emberassements and tears. You shared a lifetime, walking on the same path at the same time for miles and then suddenly you take an exit. Farewell.

Imagine the prompt of complete silence. The only voice left are these thoughts in your head. Constantly thinking to the point where your mind gets SO LOUD, requesting a response. It’s like a scream inside yourself about to burst. So you just keep on living – walking – and there is nothing to wake at least some kind of happiness on your inside because your eyes already turned blind. There is nothing dear to see anyway.

I’m not here anymore. This is just my shell…


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