1. Life is not Jannah, so there is nothing to expect from it. Get along with your struggle – because this is what life is actually meant for.
2. Everyone is struggeling. Some do well with it – some simply don’t.
3. Everyone who seems “weird” or “awkward” or makes you somehow else feel “uncomfortable” about them – has a heartbreaking story to tell. Please listen and love them. They are all very very much beautiful, trust me.
4. Gossip is useless and does not ever do anything but harm. Rather focus on how to improve yourself. There are too many things which do not need to be said.
5. Lies are the same useless.
-People who lie about theirselves will never be “seen” or understood as what they are. It’s like wearing a mask which others believe to be your face, without ever knowing there is something underneath and what does it look like. And if you think about it: If yourself does not show, how shall it be loved????
– Just like lying about things you have done or not done. If you have done something but you are refusing to admit or share – then why have you done? If it is something bad – you were given the opportunity to decide whether you do or you don’t. Hiding and lying does not make it something good instead. You know. God knows. Everything else is not of significance. Expose for God’s sake because you are what you do and what you say.

to be continued


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