(Ari Berk, Death Watch)

Then suddenly out of nowhere someone appears and says: “I read your bio and you are beautiful…” That’s when love comes to your rescue just when you had decided to burn the pages of your own story.

Like, being found by this person means you have reached your destination. This is what you have been suffering for all your life. You realize, every little thing which has hurt you, was meant to happen in purpose to lead you towards this specific person. This right here – simply knowing this person – is your reason of a living. Here – this one person – is the answer to all your questions. Period.

From a caterpillar you turn into a butterfly and get a whole new vision, looking at the same scene from above. Now you have wings and you are free to fly… That’s the REWARD. This is EVERYTHING.

Transformation. Freedom. Love. It all has the same name. It’s just him.


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