I miss you my love 😥

You know how much I try to not mention this, because it seems so irrational to feel struck even harder with every day, while actually time just runs closer to what I anticipate.

Shit -.- Am I now losing my mind, or what the fuck is this?

God knows, I know this is supposed to be a good thing to experience, but wooooow – this pressure, like weight, is killing me.

There is not enough coffee, weed, chocolate, cake, sunshine, etc. (you know “happy” substances), to fill this space which is kept empty for you.

So I figured, love itself is awkward if this is what it causes to feel.

Or life has really been so poor, there has not been anything in comparison to prepare me for such an incredible thing.

It’s just, you have gotten so dear – every moment, every breath taken without you present – turned into torture.

I love you so much, I remain drowning in pain.



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