Imagine life without family. Imagine to live life everyday surrounded by strangers. No one to come home to.

Of course I do want someone to love me. At least one person to be dearly fond of me. Someone to keep me in their prayers when I be long gone. That one person that would never leave for a single flaw…because they simply love you without any possibility for change. Unconditionally. They love you as a matter of fact and done.

I want my Counter-Person. That promised partner in life. My companion on the route towards jannah. May this sound as irrational and naive as fuck, I do not have anyone – so there is nothing else I want.

I am missing someone to hug me when I’m mad and all tempered. I want someone to laugh when I am sad, to remind me that there is still joy after tragedy. Someone to be happy with me and I be their reason.

Because that’s how I love. I want one single person to devote my lifetime to, loving and caring.

I don’t want to be all by myself anymore.


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