The human race is not of the peaceful kind. It has never been and it will never be. We may throw out words like “humanity” and “compassion” but looking around we will not see any of such a thing. People are selfish and judging. We do not love one another. Love is reserved for those we are connected with, through whatever circumstances. And those circumstances can’t even be generalisized. We can’t say everybody is loved and safe within family. We can’t say we are loved within our community.

As a matter of fact we only love what is beneficial for us. We see people unite only when they share the same anger or miscomfort. Even if they be demonstrating for equalty or whatever cause. The reason is never the actual cause but anger. People would never gather just to peacefully love one another, because when satisfied there is no reason for action. Actually the only fuel for the human is hate.

We are haters. And to hate we don’t ever need rational reasons. We hate eachother for being different or not acting as we ourselves like. We hate eachother at home, at work, on the street, in conversations. We hate each other for our appearence, even for language. We hate each other for our possessings, our abilities and our opinions.

Raise the hand who has never experienced hate.

And there is no solution to make an end to this, since people are unable to walk around deaf, mute and blind. This is because we judge whatever gets into our range. We do not even have to experience something to judge it. We only need to hear about it or imagine it. If only we would have the ability to ignore the acts of others and meet them without judging, that would bring peace to this world.

But we need the judging, because based on whatelse shall we measure our own significance? What is there but good or evil? Worthy or unworthy? Rich or poor? Educated or uneducated? Fat or skinny?

We all are nothing. We all are born to die. Not one of us is going to get out alive of all this. That should be something to focus on. No matter who the fuck you think you are, your body is gonna rott in the same soil as mine. Done.

It’s not to be discussed who is at fault, because we all are. Everytime we point our fingers at someone we are at fault. Everytime we explain the mistake of some other, we are mistaken. There is nothing we know except ourselves and most times not even, for we tend to ignore instead to accept what’s within us. We all hide what’s unpleasant and distort our appearance. And again this is because we even judge and rate ourselves. Period.

Life is competition and we are not teamplayers.


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