Charlie Hebdo is covering public media and owning current consciousness. Again we are facing the world split in two sides. Again we have everybody share an opinion. But it’s the same old song: Hate vs. Hate.

As a muslim of course I had been outraged about the disgusting publications of this french magazine (Charlie Hebdo) – which I had not ever heard a shit about before, nor would have ever possibly heard off in any other case because I am not much interested in french papers. But since in this specific case the mainstream western media made sure I wouldn’t miss out on the insult of my most dear Prophet, this was something impossible for me to ignore.

I mean, I am a peaceful person but even I am not resistent against the impact of insult, because that is the intention behind every such attack and what insult actually aims for. Thanks to God I am blessed with a rational mind tho and the ability to regain control over triggered emotions – what I assume to be a special ability concearning the “non compos mentis” which is the state of emotions controlling a persons actions, justifying irresponsible behaviour by law.

Alongside these publications and the media spread of these clearly offensive and with no doubt insulting caricatures, there was immediate discussion about the irresponsibility. Whoever responsible for those “satirical” drawings was aware of the pain they would cause to an uncount number of people all over the world. There was no doubt about the rage they would cause. There was no doubt about the fury it would fuel inside uncertain individuals. But they were still thrown out into the public and promoted like there was nothing to fear. All justified under the flag of freedom of expression.

This world is nothing but pushing it anymore. We are nothing but forcing it. Both sides equally. Everyone is asking for acceptance without respecting the other.

As a muslim again – with an own sense of understanding for my faith – I did not feel the urge to react to any blasphemic drawing, because my religion taught me that there is reward for everyone and everything as it deserves. I do not even need to bother myself to judge any action, because this is obligued to God. Something which may seem immoral and wrong to me, might in some different angle and under a different vision be the most moral thing. If I might misjudge another human being during my time of a living and punish that individual due to my standards – which may by chances differ from God’s verdict – I will end up punished for comitting an act of crime which in my small understanding seemed rightous in any of the means God has granted me to cover.

Okay, no one might understand the last paragraph, so let me say this thing: we are never responsible for how others react but we are always responsible for what we do. There is absolutely nothing to defend our acting with. Whatever we do, the very second it is done, we give out of our hands what is following to happen. But we can consider if this what we throw out into the world is for the good or for the bad. We might not always be certain of the impact, but some acts claim for nothing else but evil and chaos. Just take a look at the current situation in europe. There are demonstrations over demonstrations from every side – nothing but competition covering the streets and they will not lead us anywhere.

In this specific case it was the media like so often, to abuse its range and powers and it still does the same thing. There should come an end to the whole public discussion of religion and faith. There should be an end to hate propaganda. We are not all smart people and currently the number of stupid individuals is a winner in the construction of war.

We are living in a world full of weapons of mass destruction and we proof every day how irresponsible and careless we are. We demand responsibility and calm from others, while we remain pushing. We all think we are right and want to establish our righteousness onto others, without considering how they understand and see. We agree on killng eachother as long as we consider them the opposition of our ideal.

Currently there is no way out, because there is already way too much anger. We have already killed too many of any kind and I am not willing to speak of our population as one human kind anymore. This train has long ago left the station and is not coming back. But one thing we should all really face and understand RIGHT NOW.

We are murdering millions every day, fighting over who is wrong or right where there is no wrong or right. THERE ONLY IS WRONG AS LONG AS THERE ARE PEOPLE DYING WITH CONSENT, NO MATTER WHICH SIDE.

It’s about time to censor the discussion and kill the flame, just like they kill all revolts with banning and silence. They can shut us down on things which are uncomfortable for the leadership of this world – the same thing is possible on shutting us down on killing and hating each other. It’s about time to silence the seperation of this world.


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