We are all currently facing a world of change. It’s a clash of generations due to all the rapid progress we have made in technology and education. There is this generation of our parents and this completely new all hightech generation which is our kids. And of course all of those inbetweeners like me.

I was born in the eighties, grown up in this great old age environment of my parents. We were the first ones introduced to home computers with dial up modems. We experienced the wonders of the very first computer games at the home television screen. We made phonecalls from wired housephones and awaited scheduled calls from our friends after spending the whole day out getting ourselves into trouble. There were no 24h opening times and no shopping weekends. We were beautifully living. But with all the new technologies popping up we started to imagine even greater things based on what we were just being presented.

I remember thinking about how cool it would be to have a TV be a flatscreen like a panel on the wall and we were talking about someday having wireless phones. Please, we were watching Star Trek and the Knight Rider with our parents and because we could see it in pictures we knew it could happen one day for real. We wanted it all to happen!

We were the luckiest from both generations because we were there to experience the technological evolution. We know all these things have not been there and we know how they evolved. So we can understand the pre-techs and the now high-techs, or to be more straight: we should understand!

Truth is: somehow we failed as the ambassadors of change and evolution cuz we seem to ignore this gap between our parents, us and our children. As I observe, we now have created a generation of blame, simply because we have failed to keep an understanding.

I see too many “kids” now in their twenties and early thirties with great goals but without the support and instruction how to gain them. And I see too many parents, completely unsympathetic concerning these struggles of their young adult children.

We have breeded a supergeneration of depression and this what I am just writing about is the main reason.

Dear parents, it’s not like technology has made our kids lazy. It’s not like they don’t want to make something out of theirselves to be successfull providers of their own young new families. They are not lazy to follow the family tradition or to take their part in a maybe existing family business. And no, they are not dreaming when they are talking about travelling, making art or connecting with strangers on the internet. All of these things are not just very real but now an essential part of actual new age society.

All these things you may now observe as a stagnation and your offspring being lazy – that’s the actual progress we are NOW experiencing. Your kids are now facing something you have never had to find yourself dealing with, because the rules which led you into establishment are now out of order.

Instead of blaming them and pushing them, they now need support and understanding to first develop new rules on how to establish proper directions towards an all new stable world order. Have a heart for your lazies, because they are the founders of a whole new era.

This one is dedicated to my husband. One of the greatest beings with great ambitions. I believe in you and I will always be around… ~


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