Today was supposed to be the day of my divorce. Instead I was refused to get  what I want because my ex husband rather liked to entertain me a little longer. The whole show was poorly acted and might have bothered me if I wouldn’t have been prepared for a disappointment. But to be honest it’s not really too much of a disappointment, because I am already aware of the final result. Someone is just currently bringing himself down.

Shame might be on me for getting married to such a savage in first place and for the fact it took me more than a month to figure again I had been stuck in a relationship with an useless fraud.

He said I was mentally instable because of my mother’s suicide, while in fact I had been the one arranging everything which had to be done to get married while my mother had just yet been burried.

He said he had to work so much to pay everything, while I was the one working at two jobs when that bastard was being all comfy on my couch.

He said he had found our appartment, while I had been the one sending him to our final landlords just right in time before signing the contract for that ridiciulous ghetto apartment he had organized.

He said he signed the contract cuz I was in dept and couldn’t rent an appartment, while I was the one spending 5k in cash for the whole operation which was moving to this city. Not to mention all the transfers I had made onto his account so he could buy his little camera equipments.

He said he had to get his own cooking pots and dishes cuz I was filthy, which made me laugh cuz even rotting the kitchen could not make this cockroach leave.

He was dressed like a dandy, proudly pronouncing his name as if he’d be somebody as displayed on his facebook profile, while after six months he is still living in with his brother and his sister in law unable to even afford a new DSLR.

Did I play his game? Or even let the judge know about his lies?

I would never dare. God knows better. Shall he never find out about my accomplishments. I didn’t even mention I was now being chairwoman of the worker’s council and made myself claim a nice office, being my own boss without any supervision in just two years working for that company.

Shall he steal another month of my time just so I can print all of his mails to have his own words break his neck.

God is great. I have always told him that I do not need to hate or revenge because God is the greatest to punish and he leaves it to the evil themselves. All he did was call me a fucking saint, as if meant as an insult…

Here we go.


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