The Ninja On My Couch – Announcement

In Addition to the Publication of my first Book “The Ninja on my Couch” this Fall/Winter 2019, I am very happy and excited to give everyone a little Sneak-Peak, sharing the contained Introduction.

For everyone not knowing what the whole thing is about:

>>Sandra Asani is the Blogger “Myselfcustomized” and Author of the upcoming Title “The Ninja on my Couch” – a startling Biography depicting her Life over the Period of several Years, living with her Brother – a sociopathic Maniac and Murderer – who did not only attempt to condition her via physical and mental Torture but has also monitored and decided every possible Aspect about her personal and social Life. In this upcoming Title she doesn`t only share her horrific Experiences but also gives great Insight on how she managed to resist her Brother`s attempted Interferences with her Mind and how in all of this obvious Darkness she always found a Light.<<


You know what, I`m an incredibly peaceful Person and I have great Patience for almost every thing, but there are two things which are regularly throwing me out of line:

The First is when someone says: „But you are so strong and I am not, so I simply CANNOT DO what you do“ and the second thing is when others are clinging on to their perception “that something which has always been cannot be changed.”

Simply because those two claims are as far from truth as can be and because these beliefs are everything which are preventing people from succeeding.

I may be strong now and may sometimes even appear blunt with my big mouth, but this is what resulted from suffering a thousand heartbreaks and it’s hurtful for me to be perceived as if I were granted my achievements without efforts.

Like: Please don’t ignore my wounds simply because they are not bleeding anymore.

That`s why I would like to share here what I used to be:

I was rejected emotionally by my own Mother the Moment I was born a Female and I remained always treated by her like a Failure. A Punishment. For her I could never be nor do Anything „right“.

I was a physically assaulted Child. My father would beat me so hard whenever Life would stress him out and so I remained regularly with my tiny Body covered in black and purpelish Bruises.

I was constantly having a hard Time making Friends and once I would finally get to have One, something in their Life would occur which would cause them to Move to a different City or Country – leaving them not being available to me anymore. So I was mainly alone with my Thoughts and my Feelings until I went to Middle School and again after.

I was Homeless before even finishing High School, thus have not been granted any desireable educational Degree.

I had agreed to be sold into an arranged Marriage in which I ended up being insulted, disrespected, assaulted and even starving.

I lost Everything/Everyone I have ever known, entering Witness Protection after which is being shared in this Book.

My mother committed suicide and I was blamed for it.

I was divorced twice before I was Thirty.

I was a single Mother, working two Jobs simultaniously cleaning ICU`s and Offices.

I was threatened and stalked by Male Co-Workers and Superiors in different Jobs, several Times.

I was battling Anxiety and Depression the major time of my Life.

But I am living a different reality now, because I could never accept this as all there could be. Which is why I was always trying to make sense of those experiences and finding myself within.

I built a Workers Council leading it as the Chairwoman, giving almost 500 People a Voice and granting their legal Rights!

I literally became my Boss´s Boss over Night!

I have two beautiful, empathetic and incredibly smart Children – 15 and 2 Years old.

My Son is attending High School and the current Representative of his Class.

I am happily married to THE kindest, most patient and supportive Man I have ever encountered in Life, which is not only all of the previously mentioned but also a super successful Senior Photographer working for a (specific national) No. 1 Social Media Agency.

I am a published Writer as you`re reading my first Book right now.

And on Top of that again I am a Life Coach & Therapist – supporting Others who are willing to overcome and heal Things (false beliefs & Perceptions) which have so far prevented them from living up to their fullest Potential.

So let me say this:

No, I have not ALWAYS BEEN this strong, selfconfident Person I appear to be NOW.

And yes, you might perceive Yourself as a helpless, sensitive, unaccomplished Individual at this Moment in time (which really is nothing but a Location) but you should know that even while you are this, you perfectly and ultimately already have Everything you need, to move yourself from HERE to wherever you intend to be.

Seriously, please just look back to the Above. This is Reality I am sharing here with YOU. This really has been. And no, I am not any different than YOU. I have no extra-ordinary Cells altering the Chemistry of my Physicality. No Alien-DNA. No Super Powers. Actually YOU are THE ONE with the Advantage, because you got this Book and I did not have Anyone to share an experience which I was unable to imagine back then.

And by the way not only this Book, but also others which are going to follow, for as you can see there`s a lot of Experiences and Insights which have led to my Development, to share.

You will see there was so much Pain, Horror, Sadness – so much Force working against me – so much Oppression, Assault and Ignorance but also you will find there was always Joy, Happiness, Strength, Certainty, Hope and Fun in between everything.

And I know, it literally sucks balls to have someone come up and so easily say: „Eh, you do not have to be a Victim, you know?“ Because currently you might be a Victim, for as a matter of Fact you have been hurt and you do feel certain Pain, right? You are not the One who chose to be hurt, right? This which you feel was someone else who put this onto you. – I am perfectly relating to this.

But what, if there really are Tools, which you do not yet even know about, which have the magical Function of shielding you from all possible Evil? What if there is really just one Thing needing Adjustment to improve and transform your whole Life`s Experience? What if you could really be happy and calm and would never have to worry about Anything anymore?

These, my Experiences shared in this Book contain only the first Tool and Guidance of where to look and find Everything you need to succeed on your personal Quest of finding the Love of Your Life: YOURSELF.

Don`t be afraid! That`s the most important thing I can say. There IS NOTHING to fear. Never. At no Time. Not here and not there and not anywhere. For you are now and you will always be. You will never NOT BE.

Grasp this.

And for those who have just come here for Entertainment: Enjoy the Show. If you are only here to satisfy your Curiosity about the Ninja on my Couch, simply stick to the Report of Events. Because this Book is written in two different Fonts and can be read in multiple ways:

Sections written in this Font contain mainly the Report of Events and only very limited Expressions of my Thinking about it.

Sections written in this Font contain parts of my Perception and Conclusions I have till now come up with. Let`s call it my „Philosophy“ if you want.

Anyway, no matter how you decide to read this: You are awesome! Let`s just have some fun!


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