Choose You And Decide What You Don`t Want

It needs nothing and no one outside of yourself, to have your greatest dreams come true, hear me here!

It`s relatable if you might be refusing to take this from someone you perceive to have always been accomplished. For some of us it`s irritable to seek direction from someone who seems to have never battled the dark side. We need to see the battle wounds to feel the connection.

If that`s your case, you might really want to consider taking it from me.

Because you know my story, you know my background – all the pieces of my broken heart are here in this Blog for you to pick up – starting with Great good-byes to “friends”… the last post to my Facebook Profile before entering Witness Protection.

And also you know, that still against all odds, today at the age of 36 I got nothing missing and more than I wished for.

Things I couldn`t even imagine.

So, if I say it needs nothing outside of you, this is credible. Been there, done that.

And I`m not willing to keep my experiences to myself, because it was never my goal to become better than others – rather it has always been my goal to do the impossible, gather the tools which work and pass them on.

So, I`m asking you from my heart today – not to step out of your comfort zone or to attempt your first miracle – but to make a decision:

Choose You!

This is the first move. It`s of great matter that you want yourself and that you want yourself to experience the better which still might be something unknown.

So we start with your now because that is what you do know.

The second move is to decide and speak what you don`t want. You do not have to speak your truth to anyone, but you have to speak it for you to hear it.

Say “I don`t want to be the Idiot for my family to pick on!” – “I don`t want to be the doormat for my colleagues to step on!” or “I don`t want to be super successful without someone to come home to!”. “I don`t want to be sad!” – “I don`t want to be lonely! – “I do not want to be shy!”

Whatever, just say it – because this is something you are definitely aware of. That`s nothing you still need to dig out of the dark and secret depths of yourself.

The digging comes later. Digging can be exhausting. But saying what you know is easy.

I`m not here to make things hard for you.

Stick with those two moves and repeat them over the next seven days. Dance!

Do you like dancing? Let me know in the comments or on my FB Page if you feel like it.


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