My Name is Sandra Asani and I am a transformational Life Coach & Therapist.

You may know me as the Blogger Myselfcustomized and as a Guest Contributor for the Mindvalley Blog, which is the world`s leading Platform for Self-Improvement and Transformative Content. 

The Services offered on this page are not merely based on experience but also profound education, as I am a certified Life Coach with a Diploma in General Psychology. 

Currently I have also added CBT (Advanced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) to my curriculum and will soon be able to include this within my services.

My Job is my Soul`s Mission and I do never get tired to research and expand my knowledge to serve my Clients the most effective Techniques available.

I will never serve anything I do not believe in!

Also I`m the Author of the upcoming Title “The Ninja on my Couch” available Fall/Winter 2019 – a Biography depicting my Life over the Period of several Years, living with my Brother – a sociopathic Maniac and Murderer – who did not only attempt to condition my behavior via physical and mental Torture but has also monitored and controlled every possible Aspect about my personal and social Life. 

In this upcoming Title I don`t only share my horrific Experiences but also give great Insight on how I managed to resist my Brother`s attempted Interferences with my Mind and how in all of this obvious Darkness I always found a Light.