S. Asani

The heart of an artist is so much more than an ocean. So much more than the heaven. So much more...

The seed

I wish I could plant something within your heart, which would grow healthy and strong roots. For it shall survive every season of bitterness, madness, dissapointment and grief. It may grow the size of my affection, hold colorful leaves of tenderness, wear gentle blossoms of care, provide you with juicy fruits of pride, honor and … Continue reading The seed

Great good-byes to “friends”… (copy)

I will deactivate this FB Account somewhen during today, depending on when I am done to backup what I want to keep. This shit here caused me nothing but severe pain and taught me nothing but one thing: I don't mean anything to anyone but everyone means too much to me. So I choose isolation … Continue reading Great good-byes to “friends”… (copy)