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What`s the difference between Life Coaching & Therapy?

Therapy aims to heal and treat, while coaching is orientated towards potential and wholeness.

Therapy emphasizes healing the past and releasing hurtful experiences, while life coaching helps you focus on the future, to set goals and supports/motivates you to pursue your passion and dreams.

Therapy offers insights and intervention, while coaching is support and guidance to maintain action.

Therapy helps reinstate functionality and stability in your Life, while coaching helps you progress on your life path and to discover your own calling.

How do I know if I should choose Therapy or Coaching?

If you are not sure, we can address this Question in our initial Session and decide together how to proceed. Any how it does not really matter, as both services slightly overlap in their objectives.

As both help to bring about positive changes in an Individual`s Life and increase self-awareness.

And also both professions help explore barriers to effectiveness and overall wellbeing.

That`s why you can only benefit choosing a Life Coach who`s also a Therapist, because you can rest assure that you are approaching a highly trained Professional who can relate to individual behavior and provide deep understanding based on their psychological education.

How to pay?

After your approach via the contact form above, you will receive an E-Mail with detailed Information, choose the time for our initial Session and will be provided with a Bill to process your Payment.

You can pay via Paypal, Bank Transfer or Creditcard.

All payments are due prior to each Single Session or Session-Plan.

Will I receive a Refund if I don`t attend the Session?

You can always cancel in advance and will receive a Refund as long as the Service has not already been provided.

The procedure to cancel already agreed upon and partly provided Session-Plans is stated in detail within the contract you will receive after the initial Session.